Christos Voutichtis

Interzones II

3 Dec 2020 - 8 Jan 2021 

“Living tomorrow is everyone's sorrow… Modern man's daydreams have turned into nightmares” 

- Black Flag  


The architect and artist Christos Voutichtis makes non-places visible in his intermedia works. According to the French scientist Marc Augé, highways, shopping malls, airports, transit locations are especially mono-functionally used areas in urban spaces. Their common ground is usually the lack of identity and history.


Inspired by non-places, Voutichtis creates a construct of defensive architecture that shows the connections between anarchy in the building industry and its effects on cultures.

The comment ‘Notes on the Search for… Processes of Dissolution’ by Theodore Spyropoulos declares Christos’ performance and  purpose in the spirit is a work in progress. He finds comparisons to works by Krzystof Wodiczko’s, like his Homeless Vehicles, the Anarchitecture group (i.e.,  Tina Girouard Swept House), the isolation devices of Walter Pichler’s TV-Helmet (Portable Living  Room) and his own.


The installation is accompanied by the curatorial text "From mass advertising to personalized advertising: the Billboard Cage Project of Christos Voutichtis" by the media theorist and Baudrillard expert Alan N. Shapiro.


Shapiro explains Voutichtis’ cage-like, internally empty architectural object in the form of an empty parallelepiped measuring 224 cm x 150 cm x 112 cm, which the artist first attached to a billboard from public space in November of this year, as a space that contradicts architectural space as we know it. 


The pop-up gallery will remain closed out of conviction that this is a way to counteract the infection. The installation is visible to passers-by from outside. Visits are possible on request.


Admission is free. The project is realized with the kind support of kulturhatd@franziskustreff.de of the Franziskustreff Foundation. 

photocredit: Christos Voutichtis



Bread is one of the staple foods in most cultures. It consists of only a few ingredients - yet making good bread is an art in itself. The artists' collective YRD.works will bake fresh bread for ten days, which visitors to the exhibition can take away with them or eat on site.

The starting point for their large-format room sculptures and performative actions is often the question of what is missing in a place.

Since 2015, the collective has been working on independently initiated projects, collaborations, commissioned works in which the audience always plays a central role.